EF-94 by Kim Bush

The graph below shows the probabilities of a certain spinner coming up a red, blue or green. What is the probability the spinner comes up blue? What is the probability the spinner comes up green? Which axis represents the independent axis? The dependent axis? What is the domain? The range?f-29-94-pr-q.gif

What is the probability that the spinner comes up...

Independent Axis: Colors or X Axis
Dependent Axis: Probability or Y Axis

Domain: Blue Red Green
Range: 1/5 < y < 2/5

EF-38 by Jefferson Cauvin

Examine each graph below. Base upon the shape of the graph and the labels of the axes. Then describe the relationship that each graph represents. Then list the independent and dependent variable.


As you can see in graph A the more gallons of gas used the more you pay.

Independent Variable: Gallons of gas
Dependent Variable: Dollars

Graph B shows that as you age your growth increases.

Independent Variable: Age
Dependent Variable: Height (in.)

Graph C shows level of ozone concentration decreasing as the years increase.

Independent Variable: Years
Dependent Variable: Level of Ozone Concentration

Graph D shows a step function data which seems to show the number of students and classrooms.
For example, you would have only 1 classroom with 30 students and as the number of students increase the number of classrooms increase.