Sabrina Lebron
Assignment: ASYMPTOTES
An asymptote is essentially , a line that a graph approaches but never intersects.
A vertical asymptote , which is also a line that a graph approaches but never denominator of a fraction has gone to 0 but the top hasn't. For example: y=4/(x-2)

Example #2
Example #2

Problem: when x=2. What happens to this graph and why?
Note as the graph approaches x=2. from the left the curve drops toward a negative infinity. This is because the numerator is staying at 4, and the denominator is getting close to 0 . That means the fraction itself is getting r big and negative. When x is exactly 2, the function does not exist because you cannot divide by 0. After 2 it resumes at a positive infinity because the numerator is 4 and the denominator is again very tiny but positive.


Marjorie G Moreno
Asymptote is a line that a graph gets closer and closer to, but never touches or crosses it.